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Love of the only kind - (www.rickytong.com/atmdb) Love of the only kind
作曲: 劉諾生
填詞: 劉諾生
編曲: Ricky Ho
收錄於大碟:心手相連 (1988)
其他版本:不滅的愛 (國語) / 愛念 (粵語) / 愛念 (2014) (粵語) / 愛念(MMO) (純音樂) / 愛念(ゴイニム) (粵語 / 日語)

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(Ab)feeling so (Cm)lost in my(C#)self
(Fm)the pressure of (Cm)being (Fm)someone else
(Ab)searching for (Cm7)life be(Cm)yond these fragile (C#)walls
(Ab)looking for (Cm7)you, (Cm)hearing someone (C#)call

running down streets of no name
leaving me lost, no one else to blame
tell me where, where does life begin
beyond the dreams, where's a love that's real

open my (Ab)eyes to (Cm)see the (Fm)future not the (Cm)past
(Bbm)leaving the tears be(Cm7)hind, for (C#)love of another (Eb)kind
oh touch my (Ab)heart to (Cm)feel se(Fm)cure within your (Cm)love
(Bbm)love that takes its (Cm7)time, (C#)love of the (Eb7)only (Ab)kind

so many times it's come and gone
a love that's weak, then sometimes strong
but gone again, never to be seen
wake me up, am i living in a dream

(C#)looking past faults no (Eb)records of wrongs
(Cm)though it sees, a (Fm)love that believes
a(C#)bove emotion, a (Eb)love that feels
be(Cm7)yond the dreams, a (Fm)love that's real(F7)

心手相連 (1988)

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