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For your love - (www.rickytong.com/atmdb) For your love
作曲: 入江純
填詞: Linda Hennrick
編曲: 入江純
收錄於大碟:Fantasy (1987)
其他版本:夢想的幻彩 (粵語)

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(F)For your love I would (Bb)wrestle a crocodile
(F)Solve the mystery of the (Bb)Nile
(Dm7)Brave the jungle
Learn to speak in mumbo (Gm7)jumbo
Make a sphinx (Bb7)break into a (C7)smile

(F)For your love
I would (Bb)live like an Eskimo
(F)In a house of ice and (Bb)snow
(Dm7)Dive for pearls
In all the oceans of the (Gm7)world
I'll keep (Bb)lookin' for a (C)way
To let you (F)know

(C6)Girl, please pay at(D6)tention
(C6)How can I never make you (D6)see
(C6)How can I show you my af(D6)fection
(C#)If you run away from (Bb)me (C)HAI

(Fmaj7)I'd follow you to Katmandu or (Bb)Zanzibar
(Fmaj7)Nowhere on this earth is too (Bb)far
(Fmaj7)Swim the seven seas just to be (Bb)where you are
(Bb7)I will never rest
(Bb7)Till I fill my quest
(Bb7)Climb Mount Everest for your (F)love
I'd do (Bb)anything for your (F)love
I'd go (Bb)anywhere for your (F)love

For your love
I would build you a Taj Mahal
By a lake in Shangri-La
Wear a sari
Bag a tiger on safari
Hang a wish on the highest star
For your love
I'd go out of this world for you
Ride a rocket to the moon
Find a comet
With "I love you" written on it
Paint a masterpiece or sing the perfect tune

Fantasy (1987)

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