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Where are you now? - (www.rickytong.com/atmdb) Where are you now?
作曲: 芹澤廣明
填詞: Linda Hennrick
編曲: 入江純
收錄於大碟:Thunder Arm (1986) / Thunder Arm (黑膠版) (1986) / 心手相連 (1988) / Thunder Arm (再版) (2005)
其他版本:此刻你在何處 (粵語) / 此刻你在何處 (譚詠麟、Joey、Patrick) (粵語) / 此刻你在何處(吳國敬) (粵語)

顯示和弦 | 隱藏和弦

(Dm)Once this was our favorite place
(Bbmaj7)Once we'd often come on a date
And we'd (Gm)sit watching the ships
Sail into the (A)evening mist
(Dm)You would always smile like a child
As you'd (Bbmaj7)look out at the beautiful lights
And you'd (Gm)say maybe some(A)day
You would sail (Dm)away

Where are you (Gm)now, my love
I can't help but think a(Dm)bout you
I sit alone each night
And (A)look at the lights
Dreamin' of times
How it (Dm)used to be
Where are you (Gm)now, my love
I just can't go on with(Dm)out you
All a(A)lone since you've (Gm)gone
Across the (A)sea
Where are you (Dm)now
(A)Where are you (Dm)now

Once the harbor lights held a charm
Once I held you close in my arms
And we'd dream as lover's dream
Of the places we would see
Now alone in our favorite place
I can't wipe the tears from my face
As the sun begins to set
On another day

Thunder Arm (1986)

Thunder Arm (黑膠版) (1986)

心手相連 (1988)

Thunder Arm (再版) (2005)

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