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Midnight rider - (www.rickytong.com/atmdb) Midnight rider
作曲: ????
填詞: Linda Hennrick
編曲: ????
收錄於大碟:Thunder Arm (1986) / Thunder Arm (???) (1986) / Thunder Arm (??) (2005)
其他版本:???? (??)

顯示和弦 | 隱藏和弦

(Bbm)Can you feel a rumbling
It's building up like thunder in(Ab)side you
Feel the earth is quaking
The air itself is shaking a(Bbm)round you
(Bbm)Shadows on the moon
Someone's coming very soon you will (Ab)meet him
The midnight (F#)rider (F)comes for (Bbm)you

Now is the (D#m)time
You know it's right
It is your (Bbm)destiny
And there'll be (Ab)no more turning back
So (F#)take your place in histo(F)ry

When he (Bbm)ride, ride, rides across the sky
You know that (D#m)something has got to change
When he (F7)ride, ride, rides out of the night
Don't be a(F#)fraid
When he comes (F)calling your name
When he (Bbm)ride, ride, rides into your life
You know that (D#m)nothing will be the same
Don't try to (F7)hide
You can't escape the fate he brings to you
Midnight (Bbm)rider,(Ab) midnight (F#)rider(Ab)(Bbm)

You know what it means now
You've always had a dream you've been after
Still you can't believe it
Your dreams are all beginning to happen
Over the horizon
No need to be surprised when you see him
The midnight rider comes for you

Thunder Arm (1986)

Thunder Arm (???) (1986)

Thunder Arm (??) (2005)

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