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Friend of mine - (www.rickytong.com/atmdb) Friend of mine
(此曲《Friend of mine》另外還有一個與坂口梨美的合唱版,收錄於《Thunder Arm》黑膠大碟之中。)
作曲: 芹澤廣明
填詞: Linda Hennrick
編曲: 大谷和夫
收錄於大碟:Thunder Arm (1986) / 半夢半醒之間 (1988) / 我真的和他們不同 (1990)
其他版本:Friend of mine (duet with Jacky Chan) (英語) / 朋友 (粵語) / 朋友(溫拿) (粵語) / 雪中送暖 (國語)

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I (G)see my (Em)friend, you (Am)need a (D)friend
To (Bm)care for you and be (Em)there for you
Till you're (Am)on your feet a(D)gain

To (G)be your (Em)friend through (Am)thick and (D)thin
To (Bm)understand lend a (Em)helping hand
That's the (Am)least that I can (D)do for (G)you

(G7)Now any(C)time you've got a problem
I'll be there to help you solve 'em
You (G)know oh
(Am)When you've got a friend by your (D)side
You're not a(G)lone
(G7)And you know that when you're (C)feelin' brokenhearted
I'll be there to get you started a(G)gain my (Em)friend
(Am)You know I care (Bm)so I'll be there
(C)Now until the end of time 'cause you're a (D)friend
Friend of (G)mine

A friend in need, a friend indeed
I'll be the one you depend upon
You can always count on me

And win or lose I'll stick by you
I'll try my best put me to the test
And I'll prove the rest is true for you

Thunder Arm (1986)

半夢半醒之間 (1988)

我真的和他們不同 (1990)

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