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Fighting Man - (www.rickytong.com/atmdb) Fighting Man
作曲: ????
填詞: Linda Hennrick
編曲: ????
收錄於大碟:Thunder Arm (1986) / Thunder Arm (???) (1986) / ?????? (1988) / Thunder Arm (??) (2005)
其他版本:???? (??)

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(C)Trouble all around you
And you're caught in a jam
Call and he'll come runnin'
He's the best in the land
Fightin' (F)man, hey, hey, fightin' man

(C)Comin' to the rescue
Just to lend you a hand
Takin' care of business now
Like nobody can
Fightin' (F)man, fightin' (G)man, fightin' (C)man

(F)Yeah you can bet when the fight is set
(C)Think you've seen 'em all
You ain't seen nothin' yet
(F)Swingin' to the left, swingin' to the right
(G)Fight (Like a lion) (Ab)Fight (Like a dragon)
(G)Fight (Like a tiger) (Ab)Fight (Like a champion)
(G)Stand back now and (Ab)give him some (G)room

Never find him hidin'
With his head in the sand
Maybe that's the reason
He's so much in demand
Fightin' man, fightin' man, fightin' man

Back up in the alley
He'll be makin' a stand
Watch the punches fly
Just like a hurricane
Fightin' man, hey, hey, fightin' man

Givin' you the story I won't tell you again
Pushin' come to shove He's Goin' down like a champ
Fightin' man, fightin' man, fightin' man

Soon the competition finds it's out of their hands
Don't know who they're messin' with
They don't understand
Fightin' man, fightin' man, fightin' man

Thunder Arm (1986)

Thunder Arm (???) (1986)

?????? (1988)

Thunder Arm (??) (2005)

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