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Feel like a million - (www.rickytong.com/atmdb) Feel like a million
作曲: ????
填詞: Linda Hennrick
編曲: ????
收錄於大碟:Thunder Arm (1986) / Thunder Arm (???) (1986) / Thunder Arm (??) (2005)

顯示和弦 | 隱藏和弦

(Ab)I don't care if anybody
Thinks that maybe I'm not (Fm)good enough
(Bbm)I don't care what anyone thinks anymore
Cause things are (Eb)looking up, oh...
(Ab)All they know is what they see
And what they see is only (Fm)part of me
I've (C#)got a (Eb)heart of (Ab)gold

(Eb)There were times
I was ready to (Ab)pack it in
(C)But I kept believing I could make it
Now I know I (Fm)can
Well I (Bbm7)don't know how it happened
(Eb7)Better than a dream it's a (Ab)miracle
(C#)I can feel a change come over (Eb)me
Feel like a (C#)million
Feel like a (Ab)million

If you re lookin' for somebody
With some love you can depend upon
You don't have to look no further
With my loving, girl, you can't go wrong
Oh, everyday it's getting better
And together we'll be going strong
With love, enough for two

Come with me
I'm the key to your happiness
Call me Mister Lucky
Take my hand and you can only win
'Cause the odds are in our favour
Better than a dream, it's a miracle
Can you see a change come over me
Feel like a million
Feel like a million

Thunder Arm (1986)

Thunder Arm (???) (1986)

Thunder Arm (??) (2005)

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