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Stay with me - (www.rickytong.com/atmdb) Stay with me
作曲: Carole Bayer Sager / Jerry Goffin / Paul Anka
監製: ???
收錄於大碟:My Love (1993)

顯示和弦 | 隱藏和弦

(Am)Our love was new (Am/G#)but now it's old
(Am/G)Your voice was warm (Am/F#)but now grown cold
(Fmaj7)Telling me you must be (Bm7)free
It's (C9)better that we both move (F)on
But darling as for me it's still not over

I sleep alone and think of you
Recalling dreams that won't come true
Re(Fmaj7)member how you walked (Bm7)away
Saying (C9)you'll get over me in (F)time
It's (Fmaj7)such an easy thing to (Bm7)say
It's (C9)such a condescending (F)line
But I (Am/B)just can't tell this (E7)heart of mine
It's (E7)over

(A)Stay with (F#m7)me, (Bm)give it one more try
(A)Stay with (F#m7)me, (Bm)this is not good-bye
'Cause the (A)world's a better place
When I (D)have you by my side
I can (Bm)feel the love
It's hiding in your (A)heart(Bm)(E)

And all those plans you have in mind
Will let you down and you will find
You'll never have this chance again
Never gonna feel like this
Never gonna find so much in anybody else's kiss
I've been loving you too long to say
It's over

Stay with me, let me live again
Stay with me, so I can give again
'Cause the world's a better place
When you're by my side
I can feel the love it's hiding in your heart

My Love (1993)

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