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Let me whisper in your ear - (www.rickytong.com/atmdb) Let me whisper in your ear
(??????????«????·?·????·????·??·???»,?«What a Woman Wants to Hear»)
作曲: ???
填詞: Linda Hennrick
編曲: ???
收錄於大碟:Hello! Solitude (1987) / ???? (1988)
其他版本:??????? (??)

顯示和弦 | 隱藏和弦

Now the (Am7)moment that you (Bm7)walked in the (Em)room
Something (Am7)told me go a(Bm7)head, make your (Em)move
So I (Am7)asked you if you (Bm7)wanted to (Em)dance
And your (Am7)eyes said that you (Bm7)might take a (Em)chance
So get (Am7)ready for some (Bm7)romance to(Em)night
Hold me (Am7)tighter, put your (Bm7)cheek next to (Em)mine
Feel the (Am7)rhythm now, there's (Bm7)no need to (Em)speak
Baby, (Am7)share some body (Bm7)language with (Em)me

(G)Skip the small talk a(F#)bout the weather
For(Bm)get the headline (Em)news
(Am7)Baby, let it wait
(Bm7)'Cause I wanna say
(Cmaj7)Sweet nothings to (B7)you

Let me (Em)whisper in your (Am)ear
What a (D)woman wants to (G)hear
When no(E)body else is (Am)near
And the (F#7)lights are all way down (B7)low
Let me (Em)whisper soft and (Am)clear
What a (D)woman wants to (G)hear
From a (E)man who's so sin(Am)cere
Darling, (F#7)I want you to (B7)know
I love you (Em)so

Maybe later when the music is through
If you find that I'm still holding you
I can take you to a new rendezvous
And we'll have a tete-a-tete just for two
No more idle conversation
And no more playin' games
Baby, when we kiss
I get serious, so do it again

Hello! Solitude (1987)

???? (1988)

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