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Jealousy - (www.rickytong.com/atmdb) Jealousy
作曲: 入江純
填詞: Linda Hennrick
編曲: 入江純
收錄於大碟:Hello! Solitude (1987) / はなさないで (1988)
其他版本:千年埋藏 (粵語) / 千年埋藏(Ancient Mix) (粵語)

顯示和弦 | 隱藏和弦

(Gm)It's the same old story
(F)Over again
(Dm7)My baby's fallen in love
With an(Gm)other man
(Gm)I thought we were happy
(F)What a surprise
(Dm7)To wake and find she was gone
Now I (Gm)realize

(Eb)He's the one she'll kiss goodnight
(Dm)As he holds her tight
(Cm)I just can't stand it
How can (Dm)love be so unfair

Why should it be (F)him instead of me
(Bb)I'm torn a(Cm)part
My jealous (Eb)heart won't set me (Dm)free
Dreamin' of the (F)love that used to be
(Bb)Oh can't you (Cm)see
This jealou(Eb)sy is killin' (Dm)me - Jealou(Gm)sy

I keep hearin' rumors
All over town
They're sayin' ain't it shame
How she put me down
I tell myself forget her
She's just no good
Don't let her get to you, boy
Find somebody new
But when I pass them on the street
I start to cry
I still remember
When I was her guy

Jealousy , oh oh oh

Hello! Solitude (1987)

はなさないで (1988)

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