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Annie(?) - (www.rickytong.com/atmdb) Annie(?)
原曲:?·?????????? - ???
作曲: ????
填詞: ??????
編曲: ???
收錄於大碟:Hello! Solitude (1987) / ???? (1988)
其他版本:Annie(?) (?? / ??) / ????? (??)

顯示和弦 | 隱藏和弦

(Cm)Sometimes I lie awake and (G#)wander in a (G)dream
And (Cm)wonder how my life with (G#)her
Could have been(G#m)(C#m)(Bb7)
(Eb)She was just an (Ebmaj7)open book
With (Eb7)travel on her (C7)mind
(G#maj7)I promised her a life she didn't (Bb7)know
If she would go
(Eb)We ran away from (Ebmaj7)memories of (Eb7)pain
(C)Danced across the (G#maj7)world
Hoping for a love that never (Bb)came
So let's (Eb)turn around and see
That the (Gm)future is in you and (Cm)me
It's all in our (Fm)minds
As long as we (Bb7)find the time
And we'll (Eb)throw away the past
For a (Gm)feeling that we hope will (Cm)last
I thought we could (Fm)try
How could I be(G7)lieve in a bigger lie

(Cm)Annie did you have to (Fm)run away
Did you be(Bb)lieve that there was nothing (Eb)left to say
You made a (Ab)prisoner of me and then you (Fm)set me free
Turned every (G7)moment to a sea of gray
(Cm)I'm living in a world of (Fm)yesterday
'Cause there's a (Bb)part of me that needs to (Eb)hide away
From all the (Ab)tragedy I see staring (Fm)back at me
Whenever (G7)love begins to look my way

And so I go on wasting summer in the cold
While all about me April leaves are growing old
I sat amid an empty room
Awash in fantasy
With visions of an angel
Moving slowly out to sea
I called across the waves but she was gone
Soaring on the wind
Clinging to a dream to meet the dawn
So it's time to rearrange
And get used to what I haven't got
As long as I know
It's better to love than not
I may find it all again
And get caught up in a new surprise
The future is here
Then I fall apart as I realize

Another chapter ends and autumn reappears
As glistening wishes fade away through the years
And darling if you fall in love another day
Don't give the best of you away...

Hello! Solitude (1987)

???? (1988)

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