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Make believe - (www.rickytong.com/atmdb) Make believe
作曲: ???
填詞: John Bateson
編曲: ???
收錄於大碟:Fantasy (1987) / ?????? (1988)
其他版本:???? (??)

顯示和弦 | 隱藏和弦

(D)We've had our ups and down right from the start
(D)I know you're bothered by an (A)aching heart
Though you (D)say you love me with a (G)love so true
Still there's (D)something wrong that makes (A)you blue

(D)The day we met was like a dream come true
(D)My life has changed I owe it (A)all to you
When life's (D)pressure seems to tear our (G)love apart
How I (D)wish you knew the way (A)I feel in (D)my heart

(Bm)Maybe what we need is a (F#m)place to dream away
(Em)Troubles that upset you and (A)me
Let's (G)make believe we're in (F#m)love again
For(Em)get the world a(E7)round us and its (A)pain
Let's (G)make believe we're in (F#m)love again
To(Em)gether we can (A)find love a(D)gain

I know I'm not the strongest man around
And sometimes, dear, that seems to get you down
But we fell in love and love may hurt us now
But be patient please
I'll make you happy somehow

Maybe what we need is a place to dream away
Troubles that upset you and me
Let's make believe we're in love again
Let's fool ourselves and say that love is blind
Let's make believe we're in love again
Forever a new heaven we'll find

Fantasy (1987)

?????? (1988)

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